Step Wright Up Foot Care provides specialized nursing foot care including:

*Assessing your feet for health conditions and abnormalities.
*Providing painless, non scalpel, treatment of callouses and corns.
*Providing non invasive treatment of ingrown toenails.
*Thinning of fungal nails.
*Clipping and filing of thickened nails.
*Treatment of dry heels.
*Diabetic Foot Risk Assessment (treating Risk Category 0-3 as Neuropathy progresses)
*Monitoring the progress of conditions.
*Education on caring for your feet.
*Referrals to other health care professionals.
*Access to a multidisciplinary foot care clinic.

About Step Wright Up Foot Care

Dean Wright is trained as a Diabetic / Medical Foot Care Nurse, and as an LPN for 22 years. He has completed his Nursing Foot Care certificate through Vancouver Island University, and has also completed specialized training for caring for the diabetic foot. He has completed the course, Wound Care Management for Health Care Professionals level 1 through the University of Victoria. He has completed the Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention and Treatment of the Neuropathic Foot through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Hansen's Disease Program. He is highly skilled and trained to assess complicated foot care nursing clients with Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, and mechanical foot problems that stop people from walking.

Dean uses professional equipment which includes a suction integrated podiatry file for precision work, industry standard nippers, and a multitude of grinding bits for a variety of foot conditions. All tools are sterilized and packaged in individual kits for your protection.
Dean works together with OceanWalk Pedorthic, and together, they keep clients, active, walking and mobile. All Diabetic patients are risk categorized for future foot complications, and clients with mechanical foot problems limiting mobility will be seen with a team approach. The goal is to protect your feet and make walking easier.


Providing Clinic and Home Visits

Clinic visits :

Preliminary and Subsequent treatments - $55.00 (pricing effective Jan 1, 2024)

In Home Visits:

Preliminary and Subsequent treatments - $60.00
Payment methods:  Due to increasing fees for credit card transactions, cash, e - tranfers, and cheques are the preferred methods of payment. I will always continue to accept debit and credit card payments, as well.

Step Wright Up Foot Care is Veteran’s Affairs affiliated. Many health insurance plans provide coverage for nursing foot care. Ask your provider for details. Nursing foot care is a medical service. Taxes are not charged on this service, and receipts for this service can be submitted as a medical expense with your income tax forms.


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